Key Vitamin Supplements That Are Essential To Your Health


Seniors even more than others need to supplement their diet as they run the real risk of real inadequate nutrition. As the body grows older, it needs even more life-giving vitamins to ward off disease, fight illness, as well as daily repair and maintenance.

That’s one of the reasons why we wrote this vitamin for seniors page. Health professionals have proclaimed many seniors lack adequate nutrition by not eating as healthy as they should, but many also lack good digestion and assimilation.

Many also take too many prescription medications that demand much of the body often with terrible side effects. Many seniors live alone and make dietary compromises as well and the end result: nutritional deficiencies. That is why vitamins for seniors is so vital. The older you get, the more important nutrition becomes.

Can Vitamins Really Help Seniors?

To answer the question in the subheading, yes — vitamins can help seniors IF they are taking assimilable vitamins and that is the key. Vitamins for seniors are especially critical as the older we become, the less efficient the body becomes. The senior needs vitamins not just for maintenance, but to strengthen his or her body’s regenerative efforts for metabolism but also for daily energy. Also, the limited amounts of vitamins researchers say contributes to illness and degenerative diseases.

Vitamin K, for example, has been found to exist in low levels in Alzheimer’s patients. Seniors need all vitamins but are there some vitamins that are more important? Yes and no. Seniors need all vitamins, which is why good supplementation is so critical to their daily diet. Some particular vitamins and minerals that are crucial are: Vitamins E, D, C, calcium, zinc, and the B vitamin complex.

Vitamins E, D, and C are known and powerful antioxidants, which antioxidants prevent free radical damage that lead to disease and aging. (Vitamin D isn’t as powerful as C and E, but it’s potent nonetheless.)

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