15 Top office and home based jobs for seniors

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10. Driver (car, van, light truck, bus). Passenger vehicle license up to special vehicle licensing and certification, with “clean” driving record. Boston Coach, First Student Bus, Schneider National Trucking, major retailers, and staffing agencies. Pay: $10 to $15 per hour for small vehicle; $12 to $20 for larger vehicles.

There is a large “buyer beware” caution in responding to work-at-home pitches. Skladany says “98 percent” of them are either fraudulent or otherwise not appropriate for older people. He warns that several major questions need to be answered before moving forward with an offer. “Can you identify the principals [owners] of the business?” he says. “Do they make it clear what they offer you, do they make outlandish income claims, and are the opportunities age appropriate and friendly?” Even then, he cautions, there are no guarantees of success, especially in home-based sales positions with even reputable companies such as Avon or Mary Kay.

Here are five suitable work-from-home opportunities that have been evaluated by RetirementJobs.com. Remember: Get all the details before you sign anything or send any payments.

11. Customer service and call center. Handle customer service, order processing, and lead-qualification calls. Requirements: high-speed Internet connection, a land-line phone (not a cellular or Internet-phone service) with a headset, and a work area that will allow a quiet and professional environment. Opportunities from companies such as Alpine Access, West, and LiveOps. Expect to pay equipment fees, background-checking fees, and training fees. Some of these jobs pay “by the minute” that you’re on the phone, and others pay hourly wages. You commit to a work schedule, and you’re expected to be available at the assigned times.

12. Medical services. Includes medical billing, claims, and records coding or file transcription. Medical records and administration often require training beyond high school and some relevant experience.

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