7 Collagen-rich foods

What is collagen? Actually, collagen is a type of protein, which is the primary structural substance found in the connective tissue of animals. Basically, it is composed of amino acids, such as arginine, hydroxyproline, praline, glycine and so on. Given below is a list of 10 foods that can boost collagen in your skin in a natural fashion.


Cabbage is the right diet for your skin since it contains collagen. The phytonutrients and antioxidants, such as sulforaphane, isothiocynates, zeaxanthin, thiocynates and lutenin can boost the elasticity and hydration of your skin.

Moreover, cabbage is a great source of vitamin B6, fiber, manganese, folate and so on. The vegetable contains iron, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. All of these things help you strengthen your bones and reduce blood pressure.

Soy Products

Your diet should also include quality soy products, such as cheese and soymilk. These things help you prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. The genistelin, which is a plant hormone, boosts the collagen production. As a result, your skin becomes stronger and more elastic.

Red Fruits & Vegetables

For collagen, you can eat red fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, oranges, and apples. In the same way, red vegetables, such as red peppers, beets also help you fight aging. The antioxidants, such as lycopenes in these vegetables and fruits boost the production of collagen in your body.


For healthy skin, you have to make certain that you eat beans. Actually, beans have hyaluronic acid that is important for you if you want to stay young. As a matter of fact, hyaluronic acid can keep water longer. As a result, you can get rid of lines and wrinkles and keep your skin glowing. The fact of the matter is that hyaluronic in beans help you with cell migration and proliferation. You can eat beans in any form.

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