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We publish content which show how our mature audience all around the world may improve their health and lifestyle statuses.

We enjoy working with companies and brands that fit with the Forty Five Plus overall mission: To render advice that help people, especially  our silver-crowners , over 45 years old , connect with their wellbeing on a holistic basis.

Forty Five Plus was established in January 2012 initially as a Facebook group and has since grown into a community of highly engaged health enthusiasts.

Our readers (and if we partner together, your potential customers) are primarily:

  • Men and women over 45 years old.;
  • Located mainly in the USA, Canada, UK , Australia, France, Nigeria;
  • College or university educated;
  • Mature individuals who are looking for a new pace of life in preparation for retirement, or to better  enjoy their retirement from the hustle and bustle of the regular daily job schedule. Typically empty nesters  who want to connect with the interests of others of their ilk  around the world and who can afford time and/or money, to adventure to their favourite destinations;
  • Are always on the hunt for new ways to get pleasure from the good things of life which the rat race had hidden from them.


Do you need someone to visit a conference or event for you?  We may be available for travel to events and specific destinations to represent your brand via our social media channels, photography and blog and depending on the partnership, maybe even YOUR blog!

If you can’t be there – or you simply want additional high quality coverage – We may just be around the corner .


We have a staff of writers and content editor most with more than ten years of experience. These skills translate directly into content that connects with your community and snaps your audience to attention, creating engaged followers, loyal customers.


Do you want honest opinion that your product is any good? Do you want t more people to hear about it?  We offer 100% truthful and useful reviews of products to help give your brand exposure and assist our readers in discovering experiences they can really invest in.


If you want to get your brand out to the masses on an on-going basis, partnering with us to be your brand ambassador is a lovely idea! We will work with you to create a comprehensive plan to generate new clients, traffic, followers and consequently more money!

.We will talk about  you to all our social media contacts   and with very special exceptions, customary ad spaces here on Forty Five Plus.

Let’s join forces!

Ready to talk to us ? Fantastic! Let’s work together!

Just shoot us a pitch email via  . We will get back to you within 3 working days, though often faster.

Thank you!


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