Coronavirus : 10 Exercises to Survive Self-Isolation

It has been firmly advised that people above 60 and indeed everyone, should self-isolate until the pandemic is brought under control. For seniors who are of the most vulnerable age, this should initially protect them from contracting the disease and also prevent spreading it to peers of their age group at social events.

However, for all age groups, inactivity throws up new challenges, most of them also health-related. Ironically, inactivity increases your chances of contracting pneumonia which is apparently the major cause of death in senior coronavirus patients. It also worsens cardiovascular problems also another major cause of death.

As you stay more at home, resolve to exercise more. Your life could depend on it. Do brisk walks in your garden if you have one. Otherwise, purchase some inexpensive exercise equipment and use to your doctor’s advice

Get fit at home is what we all can do and probably something most of us have thought about at one time or another.

Check out these 10 ways to incorporate 30 minutes of fitness into a very busy daily schedule.

1. Schedule your workouts and stick to it. It’s just like keeping appointments and vacations, so why not with your workouts?

2.  Run or do brisk walks around the house. Use every second to burn calories. You’ll realize this is hard work but a lot of fun.

3. Salsa dancing. Practice your dancing at home. This can be a great workout and really make you sweat.

4. Get fit at home when watching commercials by doing pushups, squats or running on the spot. You can try skipping or some core exercises.

5. Whenever you walk (even if going nowhere), walk fast. Get your heart rate up to burn calories, lose weight and get fit all at once. Get a fast pace going so you work up a good sweat. Use a treadmill more often if you have one.

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