You can sleep!

Some people fall asleep fast, even at the moment their head touches the pillow. Others jockey around in bed for just the right position, and then blissfully drop off to dreamland. For the rest of us, sleep doesn’t come easily. We don’t fall asleep on planes, in hotels or in any unfamiliar bed. We have to have the perfect mattress, not too soft and not too hard, absolute darkness, or maybe not so dark, a favorite teddy bear, our blankie, the door ajar, pajamas or no pajamas. And still it’s not enough to bring in the sandman.

A good night’s sleep is important for good health. Sleep refreshes the mind. It strengthens the immune system. It calms and energizes us. The way to fall asleep fast is to create a feeling of comfort and security, as well as readiness for sleep. Here’s how to fall asleep fast. You can fall asleep tonight.

Keep Work and Television Out of the Bedroom
It helps to fall asleep faster if you keep work papers and television out of the bedroom. The piles of clutter burden your sleep time with thoughts of important chores. Fix yourself up a home office, or an office nook in another room, where books and papers can be stored out of sight and out of mind. Reserve the bedroom as a place of sleep and intimacy.

Put Your Computer in Another Room
Is your computer in the bedroom? It also distracts you from falling asleep. Can you find a place for it in another room? If that’s not possible, put the computer in a closed cabinet, or shut it down and drape a cloth over it at bedtime, or just turn the monitor toward the wall.

Keep the Bedroom Dark
Light can enter the eyes even when your eyelids are shut tight. Light interferes with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your internal sleepiness. If outdoor lights shine in your room, blackout shades to block outdoor light are worth every penny. An eye mask will block unwanted light, too. When you try to fall asleep, reflective surfaces, like wall mirrors, pictures, TV screens and computer monitors, catch and amplify light. The small light from the alarm clock and other electronics will increase your wakefulness. Remove or cover them.

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