You can sleep!

Cut Down on Caffeine
Caffeine drinks, chocolate and snacks in the evening will keep you awake, as will over-eating. Foods that disagree with you and cause heartburn can keep you awake. So will exercise done just before bedtime. You can fall asleep faster at night by changing what you eat and drink in the afternoon and evening.

Don’t Eat Before Bedtime
Eat your main meal earlier in the evening, rather than later. Undigested food can interfere with your falling asleep.

Fall Asleep Fast by Keeping a Regular Schedule
Keep regular hours every day, to get your body accustomed to a schedule. Falling asleep fast is a habit you can learn by repetition.

Follow a Bedtime Routine
Have a bedtime ritual to prepare yourself to fall asleep. Turn off the TV and cell phone. Relax. Quiet your mind. Think pleasant, happy thoughts. Express gratitude for the good things that came your way. Look forward hopefully to the next day.

Calm Your Mind
While you lie in bed waiting to fall asleep, try to empty your mind of all thoughts. Notice your breathing and how it soothes the body. Don’t worry about insomnia, because you’ve done all the right things. Sleep will come on tiptoe when you least expect it.

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