Have Gadget Will Travel

High-tech and, let’s face it, really cool gadgets are a must-have for the modern day explorers out there. The market is packed with gimmicks of all specs, prices and functions so it can be hard to decide which you should invest in. Just don’t forget your gadget travel insurance before you go or you will regret it if something goes wrong, trust me!

You might be a bit bewildered at all the options but we’ve put together a list of our favourite genius products, ideal for every intrepid explorer and dreamy adventurer.

SPOT Connect Satellite Communicator  (https://www.findmespot.com)

A satellite-based personal locator beacon is an absolute essential for anyone heading out in to the wilderness or any remote land. What this handy little gadget from SPOT does differently is it provides you with emergency coverage when you need it as well as sending regular updates about your trail to anyone at home for free, using an iPhone app – now your parents can stop worrying about where you are every second! For a bit extra you can also subscribe to emergency services, where one press of the SOS button tells the EOS International Emergency Response Center that you’re in trouble. You’ll agree this is certainly worth taking out gadget travel insurance for!

BioLite Power Light Mini ( https://row.bioliteenergy.com/)

Support 45+Plus