7 tips for aging gracefully

aging gracefully

Aging is inevitable. We all age as years pile up on us. A few, unfortunately, get to look older before they are really old, while some don’t seem to age at all. It as if time stood still on them.

They are said to be “aging gracefully.”

They are either admired at parties, or subjects of nasty and envious rumors. Either way, they seem successful holding back the effects of aging, physically and mentally.

While a lot would immediately genetics as their secret for remaining youthful, what is unknown to the rest of us are the habits they developed early on that made them look young while the rest of us are as wrinkled as prunes that have been left out of the box too long.

Here are some of there that made them forever young:

1. Wearing too much make-up:

Mireille Guilliano, author of “French Women Don’t Get Facelifts,” stresses the importance of keeping makeup clean and natural.

She says, “Stop trying to dress like your daughter or younger self… go lighter on makeup. Too much makeup as we age generally makes us look worse, not better. Think twice about drawing attention to your sags and wrinkles.”

2. Too much salt in the diet:

Aging gracefully is not just about your outside, but inside as well. What ails you internally will manifest externally.

Salt causes blood pressure to rise which could lead to hypertension which, in turn causes serious medical conditions like heart attack, stroke and a decline in cognitive functioning.

If you don’t want to look older than you really are, or succumb to cardiac arrest or stroke, don’t take foods containing sodium that is more than 20% of your body’s daily requirement.

3. Negative thoughts:

Numerous studies have shown that positive people are less prone to mental decline and lead happier lives.

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