7 tips for aging gracefully

aging gracefully

In a 2011 survey (Huffington Post), it was shown that older people leading happier lives have a 35% lower risk of dying early than unhappy ones, and they

are less likely to develop coronary heart disease.

4. Watching too much TV:

An Australian study showed that people 25 yrs old us, lose 22 minutes of their life expectancy for every hour of watching TV – even if you are watching your “Sex and the City.”

Watching too much TV makes you vulnerable to several aging agents like sedentary lifestyle and social isolation.

5. Too much sun:

Too much exposure is definitely not good for the skin as it damages the skin.

If you like to bask in the sun or work where too much sun is unavoidable, always use a sunscreen. This seemingly little protection will prevent premature skin spots, skin drying and wrinkles.

6. Stress:

A life without stress is impossible. Ironically, too much stress makes life even more impossible.

Stress causes a barrage of health problems like sleeplessness, depression, heart disease, and obesity among other.

Studies show that stress makes you 10 years older.

People who are “aging gracefully,” are not stress-free. They are just more successful in managing their stress.

They exercise, do yoga, or something that takes their minds off what are stressing them; or simply isolate themselves from the world even a few minutes in a day.

Whether you intend to age gracefully or not, controlling stress is necessary if you want to enjoy life a little longer.

7. Overindulging:

Ever heard of the saying, “too much of everything is harmful?”

Too much joy or too much sorrow will both overload the heart. While alcohol is good for digestion, too much of it destroys body cells.

There is nothing in this whole, wide world that is failsafe. While everything can be considered safe at a certain point, beyond that can do untold damage to your body, especially if done repeatedly.

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