How to whiten clothes

Perfect white is the color every housewife wants her clothes to be. Snowy white is such a wonderful shade, right? It is the ideal color for all our white clothes and sheets. Unfortunately, white clothes lose their color overtime and turn into pale gray or even yellow!

This is the worst nightmare that could happen to those who enjoy wearing their favorite white shirt or dress.

There is only one question to be asked – how to restore the freshness of our white laundry and make white even whiter?

If you are thinking of trying synthetic bleach, we have some bad news for you. It will only make things worse. Your clothes will end up all thinned out and yellow.

How to get your white clothes back again?

There are some amazing natural combinations that can help you solve the problem, and it is too pity that your grandmother has not shared this secret with you, as the natural bleacher we are about to recommend has been used since ancient times.

You do not need any expensive bleachers  and you do not have to spend a fortune on buying top branded laundry products.

Sometimes an old and trusted combination can do the trick. Have you considered trying potassium permanganate? It is a ‘must’ when it comes to laundry whitening, and you will be pretty pleased with the results.

How to use potassium permanganate on your white clothes?

The first thing you gonna need to do is buy some potassium pomegranate, of course. Then, add a few crystals to 10 liters of water. You should get a pink solution. Putting too much potassium permanganate will not make things better, and dark purple color is definitely the color you are after. Stir 200 grams of your detergent into the solution.

Your whitening combination is ready. Soak your white laundry in the liquid and cover it with a nylon bag. Soak your clothes in for at least 4-5 hours, but overnight is much better. The solution may have a unattractive shade, but you should not worry.

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