Natural home remedies that work

These natural home remedies are suggested for poison ivy, acne, sunburn, sores and scrapes, motion sickness, diarrhea, food poisoning, hangovers, colds and congestion, cold symptoms and allergy, toothache relief, fever
We have lots of choices when it comes to health care. Here are some tried and true home remedies that families have used over the years. Just remember that these natural home remedies aren’t miracle cures. And they aren’t meant to take the place of the advice and treatment prescribed by your health-care professional.

1. Natural Home Remedy for Poison Ivy
Over-the-counter Benadryl, taken by mouth, will stop the itching. These products are available for children, too. To soothe the skin, spray mineral water on it. Spring water that is rich in minerals will relieve the pain of rashes and burns. The minerals work to reduce inflammation.

2. Natural Home Remedy for Acne
Make a paste from a low-dose aspirin crushed with a teaspoon of water. Many acne medicines have salicylic acid as the active ingredient, just like aspirin. This aspirin paste is also useful to reduce the pain and swelling of mosquito bites.

3. Natural Home Remedy for Sunburn
Here is a well-known remedy that my mother used many times. Soak a soft towel in cool tea, and apply it to the skin. The phytonutrients in tea will sooth the inflamed blood vessels.

4. Natural Home Remedy for Sores and Scrapes
After you’ve cleaned the sore and applied antiseptic, it helps to keep the wound moist with petroleum jelly and a bandage. This keeps water trapped on the skin, to minimize scarring and encourage healthy collagen growth.

5. Natural Home Remedy for Motion Sickness
Ginger is useful to calm the stomach. It is more effective than Dramamine and does not cause drowsiness. Mix a half teaspoon of ginger powder in a glass of water and drink. Ginger snaps, ginger ale and, my favorite, candied ginger can all help with mild nausea.

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