Pack and Just Go!

Surprise is an important part of adventure. For many, tour bus holidays with their large itineraries of activities and restaurants drawn up months in advance can be just as tedious as the office. Often not knowing exactly what you’ve got in store on holiday makes it far more exciting and rewarding.

This is where the spontaneous trip comes in. In this short guide I will be telling you the best way to plan your next impulsive getaway. All you will need is your hand luggage, an open mind and a thirst for adventure.

Fun Ways to Get Going

It’s all very well wanting to go on a fun spontaneous getaway, but how do you get there if you don’t know where you are going? Here are 4 super fun ways to head off into the sunset and come out at your perfect surprise destination:

  • Buy a Ticket at the Airport – This might sound obvious, but who really buys tickets at the airport these days? For your next holiday, simply turn up at the airport, pick somewhere nice and jet off.
  • Random Selection – My favourite way to choose a holiday destination is by putting all 24 letters of the alphabet into a hat and going to a country which begins with the first letter plucked. Picked out a L… looks like its Laos!
  • Try – Just tell this great new website your price range and theme and they will pick a European city break for you without any hassle. The catch? You only find out where you are going when you reach the airport.
  • Go for a Drive – Driving in the UK and Europe may not be as romantic as an American road trip but can prove just as intriguing. Get in the car with a couple of friends, drive until it gets dark and stay wherever you end up. Keep going like this and see where the road takes you.

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