The stress factor

Most blood flow then will go to the brain where the stress activity is being felt, to provide the person under stress prolonged energy. This situation now has caused blood pressure to rise wherein much of the pressure released cannot find an outlet.

Since these are all emotions, they often trigger chemical changes that will affect your body functions. It will slowly develop into high blood pressure, as much of the chemical changes will affect blood circulation.

If you’re a person undergoing stress and you are beginning to feel the effects of the bio-chemical changes, do not aggravate the situation by using tranquilizers. Do not drink, smoke or use prohibited drugs, as these will not correct whatever it is your body is going through.

Instead, you must find some form of outlet in order to burn or use up unwanted hormones involuntarily produced by the body, triggered off by a chain of events. Engage in exercises, physical or mental. Sometimes physical meditation enables the brain to direct its energy somewhere else and thus relieves your arteries and nerves.

Only then will the blood circulation be brought back to normal, thereby normalizing your blood pressure in the process.

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