Some important things to know about urinary incontinence

Caffeine containing substances such as tea, coffee, coke all make the condition of incontinence worse as caffeine is a diuretic, which makes the kidneys produce more urine and thereby leakage is easier. Caffeine also affects the bladder muscle.

Consuming alcohol can be another cause for incontinence as alcohol is also a diuretic and which stimulates the kidneys which in turn produces more urine.

If you do not consume enough liquids, your urine gets concentrated. This has the tendency to irritate the bladder and make urinary incontinence worse. It also reduces the capacity of the bladder, here again making incontinence worse.

. A very common cause of urinary incontinence is urinary tract infections.

. Over-activity of the bladder can also cause incontinence. Smoking is one such reason people may suffer from an overactive bladder as nicotine has an effect on the bladder muscle.

Persistent Urinary Incontinence

. Pregnancy – Pregnancy can lead to incontinence owing to the following, that is, bladder control nerves may be damaged, pressure of the fetus on the pelvic muscles, urethra and bladder, vaginal delivery causes the nerves around the pelvic floor to become bruised and stretched and also a cut is made in the muscle which enables easier delivery.

. Menopause – When you reach menopause, the hormone estrogen is not produced any more. It is believed that the vaginal tissue weakens owing to this loss of estrogen production. This causes incontinence.

. Incontinence can also occur after radiation or surgery in the treatment of cancer of the prostrate.

. Surgical removal of the uterus may sometimes cause damage to the muscles or the nerves of the urinary tract thereby leading to incontinence.

. An enlarged prostate in men causes the urethra to constrict and blocks the flow of urine. This is another reason for urinary incontinence.

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