Useful apps for regular travelers

Remember when phones were useless on holiday? The signal was bad, the charges were expensive and you even had to tell your network where you were going before you set off. Thankfully, in recent years everything has changed with the rise of the smartphone leading to some fantastic handheld travelling innovations. Whether it is used for checking the weather, scouting out activities or restaurants, or just for keeping in touch with friends and family at home, the smartphone is now the perfect travel companion.

Although there are apps for every element of the holiday experience, this list is made up of those which help regular travellers smooth out their trips and reduce stress. From organising travel documents to keeping track of time zones, travel geeks will appreciate having these tools on hand wherever they go.

Circa (

Keeping in touch with friends and family at home and abroad is one of the hardest things to do when travelling. Although it can sometimes be tempting to unplug from the world, sometimes for pleasure or business you might need to contact somebody back home, and doing do can be complicated with all the different time zones. Circa attractively displays all the time zones around the world so you can easily plan a FaceTime with a loved one or remember a Skype call from your boss.

App in the Air (

For regular flyers and one-off travellers, App in the Air is a crucial bit of kit. The clever software syncs with your email, collecting all your important travel information and putting it in one place. This means you can avoid scrambling through emails at the check-in desk, resetting passwords in departures and running through terminals. The app also works offline which is mega useful when internet access can’t be relied on.

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