Useful apps for regular travelers

Packpoint  (

Never know what to pack? Just enter your trip destinations and activities into Packpoint and the app will create a packing list just for you. Perfect for forgetful backpackers, Packpoint will make sure you remember everything from toothpaste to underpants. If you are planning to do a specific activity such as hiking, the app will put all the necessary equipment and clothing on your list. Combined with weather updates for chosen destinations, you can’t go wrong with Packpoint.


This app is handy for travellers who have been to loads of different places. If you have travelled around a lot it is easy to lose track of where you have been and what you have done. Been allows its users to log everywhere they visit and the app turns that information into some really nifty graphics which can be shared with friends.

Protect Your Phone

With all these apps becoming indispensable as you widen your travels, it’s a good idea to invest in some gadget travel insurance to protect your smartphone. Unfortunately, mobiles are easily misplaced and can be stolen so it’s always useful to cover your gadget. Travel insurance is also a mustFree Web Content, as any veteran traveller will testify.

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