Why You Should Have More Olive Oil

When shopping for olive oil, it makes sense to choose better brands and reputed manufacturers, at least before one know how to choose a variety based on its flavor and taste. It takes practice. Here are the type of wholesale California olive oil available and the best way to use them for maximum taste.

Delicate: These are oils from taggiasca, sevillano, leccino, etc. and their delicacy is the reason why they are best used as s garnish for fish dishes. Fish dishes usually have light flavors and these oils offer the perfect balance.

Medium: These are oils that have a medium intensity. They will go perfectly with things like poultry and in salad dressings.

Robust: These are oils from picholine, frantoio and arbosana and their flavors are wonderful for drizzling on steaks.

There are a great many recipes to try using wholesale California olive oil. You can also use it in your normal everyday cooking. Perhaps the most important reason why you should use more olive oil in your cooking is that it tastes great!

By:  peter thronton

Peter Thronton is a freelance writer with years of experience on writing on olive oil recipes and healthy diets. The current article provides the many reasons why this oil can be incorporated in daily cooking. 

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