10 Herbs that may relieve anxiety attacks

herbs for anxiety

While you definitely cannot compare herbs to powerful pharmaceuticals such as Xanax or Prozac for anxiety, the good thing is that you do not have to deal with the side effects and expense related to these prescription medications. Many herbs have been used effectively since the beginning of time for many ailments including anxiety and panic attacks. Of the many, here is a collection of the top 10 herbs to get rid of anxiety that you should definitely look into to get a handle on your anxious thoughts naturally.

Herbs to Get Rid of Anxiety

1. Valerian for Anxiety

The rhizomes and roots of this herb are the parts used for natural treatment methods. This herb has been used for thousands of years as a sleep aid and is more widely used in Europe than in the United States where it is the active ingredient in many sleep aids.

Some studies have also shown that it may be effective for the treatment of epilepsy, high blood pressure, etc.

Valerian root for anxiety is a popular natural remedy because of its gentle sedative properties as well as being able to stabilize the mood. It has also been found to be even more effective in relieving anxiety and agitation when combined with Saint John’s wort or Kava, the latter which is discussed next.

2. Kava

Kava is just as popular as valerian in treating anxiety naturally. Kava is from the same family as black pepper and the rhizomes (part of the stem that grows underground) and roots are the parts of this herb that are used.

Kava contains kavalactones which are active compounds that have mildly tranquilizing effects that are similar to a low dose of Valium. Kava however is not addictive and rarely leads to sedation when used according to instructions.

While this herb can be effective to get rid of anxiety attacks, there is a rare chance of developing life threatening liver disease which makes it important to use the appropriate recommended dosage of this herb.

3. Hops

This is from the same family as hemp as well as marijuana and the parts used are the strobiles which are the glandular hairs from the female fruits. This has been used for hundreds of years in the brewing of beer.

Hops are also used to treat infections, digestive problems as well as its sedative properties being used to treat insomnia.

Its mild sedative properties is the reason this herb is usually recommended to reduce anxiety naturally. To get the most of these mild sedative properties, it is best to use this herb after it has been dried and aged.

4. Passionflower

The leaves and flowers are the parts of passionflower that are used.

Passionflower is commonly used to relieve digestive problems, to relieve pain, to prevent wounds from becoming infected as well as treat various women’s health issues.

Passionflower is also recommended to get rid of anxiety naturally because of its sedative and tranquilizer properties making it great for also dealing with insomnia and stress.

5. Gotu Kola

This herb is from the same family as dill, fennel, parsley, carrot, angelica and celery. The leaves are the parts used for healing. This is a very popular herb with Indian Ayurvedic herbalists.

Besides natural treatment for anxiety, gotu kola is used for the treatment of stretch marks, varicose veins, high blood pressure, psoriasis, diabetes, etc.

Research studies have shown that gotu kola is able to reduce physiological anxiety making it one of the popular herbs used to get rid of anxiety.

6. Chamomile

This herb is from the same family as dandelion, daisy and marigold and the flowers are the parts used for natural treatment of various ailments.

Chamomile is a very popular herb for the treatment of digestive problems, infections, depression, various women’s health issues, arthritis, for enhanced immunity, ulcers, stress, etc.

Chamomile when used to reduce anxiety naturally is tied to its mild sedative properties which help to relieve anxiety and panic attacks.

7. Skullcap

This is from the same family as mints and the parts used are the leaves.

This herb is very popular in Europe and is used as the main ingredient in many sleep aids due to its sedative properties. These same properties are the reason this herb is usually suggested for the natural relief of anxiety as well as stress.

8. Ginkgo Biloba

The leaves of this herb are the parts used. This is a very popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for thousands of years to treat various diseases and conditions.

This herb contains powerful antioxidants which help to eliminate healthy cell damaging free radicals.

Ginkgo biloba is commonly recommended for the natural treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, tinnitus, vertigo, for improved mental capabilities, for the treatment of retinopathy that results from diabetes, macular degeneration, etc.

The properties in ginkgo also help to relive anxiety which is supported by several studies which makes this a great herb to use to get rid of anxiety naturally.

9. Lavender

This is another popular herb that is commonly used because of its calming and relaxing properties making it a popular ingredient in aromatherapy. Lavender is from the same family as mints and the parts used for healing are the flowers.

Lavender is commonly used to treat wounds because of its microbial properties, to treat insomnia, for menstrual cramps, to relieve digestive problems as an insect repellant, etc.

Exposure to the scent of lavender whether from the flowers or the essential oils obtained from the flowers is a great way to relieve anxiety and make you calmer. This is also a great herb for stress relief.

10. Yarrow

Yarrow is from the same family as dandelion, daisy and marigold and the parts used are the stems, leaves and flowers.

Herbalists commonly recommend yarrow for the treatment of digestive issues, for wounds, as well as various women’s health issues.

The use of the herb to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks has been traced to a compound it contains which has mild hypnotic properties which enables this herb to be used as a mild sedative for anxiety and stress. These properties also make it beneficial for insomnia.

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