Top four tourist cities in Greece

Top four tourist cities in Greece 1

Top four tourist cities in Greece 2

Greece is a scenic country located at the crossroads of Europe, Western Asia and Africa. This particular position gives it an uninterrupted access to a wide range of cultures that reflects on its rich history. The landscape is mountainous, making it a heaven for cross country skiers and adrenaline seekers. This European country is highly developed and is blessed with a high standard of living. The wine produced here are globally famous. If you are planning to visit Greece, read on to find the top cities which are a tourist attraction.

Four tourist cities in Greece:

1. Athens

Long known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, Athens holds a special place in Greece and in world history. It is the capital and the largest city in Greece. It is home to ancient structures such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites Acropolis of Athens and Daphni monastery. A visit to Greece is incomplete without a visit to Athens. It also boasts of the National Archeological Museum, which features the oldest Greek antiquities alongside the Acropolis Museum.

2. Thessaloniki

The capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki has a special status in Greek history. It is an important commercial and economical centre of Greece and in some cases is referred as the cultural capital of Greece. The place has a rich history spanning 2300 years and it is reflected in their architectural structures. Thessaloniki even has a mention as the World’s best party place. Greece package tour providers help you to include Thessaloniki in your itinery.

3. Patras

Patras, the lesser known cousin of Thessaloniki, is known as the European platform for hosting the largest and the most boisterous carnival festival. It even rivals Brazil as the carnival capital. Ancient structures related to the Greek and Roman era litter the Patras landscape. The region has its own Patras Carnival which includes huge satirical boats and parades. The pleasant Mediterranean climate adds to the allure of the region. It has a rich history spanning over four millennia and was an important region since then. Holiday packages to Greece will be incomplete without taking a stop at Patras.

4. Heraklion

Heraklion is a major archaeological excavation site boasting of ancient ruins which are still visible today. It is a heavenly abode for ancient structural lovers. The panoramic harbor and warm climate make it an ideal hotspot for vacationers. Many professional Greece holiday service providers make it a point to give their patrons a tour of Heraklion.

The above four cities encompass the whole cultural and heritage aspect of Greece. Visit Greece for a memorable experience.

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Top four tourist cities in Greece 3