Is Onion Good For You?

Is Onion Good For You? 1

Onion protects the body from different diseases helps in maintaining good health. Onions are abundant with minerals and vitamins. It contains Vitamin A, B complex and C. The variety having sulphur, calcium and iron. Onion is one of the best aphrodisiacs and having many medicinal features and values.

Top 10 benefits of eating raw onion

1. Onion regains consciousness

Onion contains isophenyl propyl amine, where inhaling strong smell of ammonia gives relief in regaining consciousness in the diseases like giddiness, epileptic fits, hysteria and severe headache.

2. Onion for arthritis treatment

When poultice of onion along with mustard oil is applied over painful joints, it provides relief.  The paste is also effective in case of wounds and ulcers.

3. Onion as disinfectant

The paste of the unripe onion is a very good disinfectant. The paste is effective for insect bites and skin related problems.

4. Onion  cures headache

When the onion paste is applied on feet sole, it eases from headache. The people of warmer region also use the paste on forehead to get relief from the scorching heat.

5. Onion for cataract

Onion juice is good for eyes and used as eye cleansing medium.  The juice of onion and honey when put 2-3 drops on eyes, it is a good treatment for preventing cataract.

6. Onion as an appetizer

Onion pickles when prepared with the combination of black pepper, cumin seeds and salt, acts as an excellent appetizer.

7. Onion  for earache

Fresh juice is a good treatment for earache. It should be used as 2-3 drops in a day.

8. Onion  for stomach pain

For stomachache, the juice of onion is beneficial when it is taken along with ginger powder and salt. Onion juice is also beneficial for hoarseness of voice.

9. Onion is good for common cold

Inhalation of onion is good when the person is suffering from common cold and epitaxis. It is also effective for teeth and gum disorders.

10. Onion relieves amoebic dysentery

The mixture of onion+ ginger powder + vinegar provides relief when a person is suffering from Amoebic dysentery and hepatosplenomegaly.

Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Onion (Allium cepa)

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Is Onion Good For You? 2