Tina Turner – “Be simply the best”

Tina Turner - "Be simply the best" 1

Tina Turner - "Be simply the best" 2

The legendary singer, has stayed a size 10 for the past five decades. Tina Turner seems to just get better and better with age – a phenomenon the singer believes is down to a combination of great style, health and attitude.

Her  health advice
Tina puts her stable size down to not eating after 6pm, drinking lots of water and, of course, dancing.
She says , “I don’t abuse myself with sweets, sugars, cakes and fat. I eat healthily. The pleasure of life is dinner.”

Her rules for fitness
(1) Cut out sugar where you can. This means avoiding biscuits, cakes and sweets, and not adding sugar to drinks or cereal. Don’t ban treats completely but stick to a few squares of quality dark chocolate after dinner.
( 2) Plump for protein power: Eat more fish, chicken, nuts and pulses. Research shows that proteins such as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer than carbs.
(3) Eat more good fats: The essential Omega-3 fats in oily fish such as mackerel and salmon protect your heart and boost the condition of your skin and hair. Aim for two servings a week.
( 4) Fill up on fibre. Replace white, high GI carbs (bread, rice, pasta) with low GI wholemeal or brown versions where possible.
(5) Reduce your alcohol intake but you can allow yourself a small glass of red wine with dinner.

Her lifestyle rules
Be the best – whatever your age. The main reason Tina can still pull off those microminis is because she has the confidence to try. She says:

Be brave: Dress for your style and shape first and your age second. Just because you’re no longer 20, if you’ve great legs or upper arms you shouldn’t hide them. Command a room when you walk into it. Hold your head up. Make eye contact with everyone there. Wear an easy smile and walk calmly, slowly and with purpose.

Update your wardrobe: Wearing old trends will age you, so keep up with the latest fashion by buying at least one key piece each season that suits your style and your body shape.

Fight gravity: Everything drops as we age, so fake your way back to your 18-year-old body with the latest control underwear that lifts, holds and tucks things into their original place. Debenhams has a great range.


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