Natural remedies for colds and flu

Natural remedies for colds and flu 1

We are all too familiar with this time of the year, when the colds and flu viruses are spreading among us and make us running to the chemist and looking for over-the -counter or prescribed medicines and hoping that they will do the magic – treat us from the nasty sore throat, runny or blocked nose, cough, fever. The cold fact, however is that no pharmaceutical at all can prevent or cure the common cold and flu, although the flu vaccines can offer some limited prevention as well as some drugs can ease some of the symptoms. I personally do not recommend them unless a certain medical condition requires having a flu jab or taking prescribed medication.

The best way to avoid taking any medicine at all of course is to try to prevent getting any colds or flu in a first place, but even if catching one then the most effective way of fighting them is by using natural remedies. And believe me, they do work – some act directly on the immune system and others are able effectively to relieve whatever symptoms we may experience while fitting cold or flu viruses.
There are lots of good herbal remedies, which can be used to fight effectively common colds and flu. I will however, mention the once, which based on my personal experience as well as from numerous sources of information and research I have done as most effective.

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea, E. angustifolia) is on the top of the list when comes to helping the body to fight the common cold and flu symptoms as soon as they appear. Echinacea should be taken at the very first onset of a cold or flu and in large doses to be most effective. It acts as a powerful immune stimulant; it stimulates white blood cell activity and destroys invading microbes. Echinacea is also perfect when a sore, swollen throat is present during an infection.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is extremely effective against viruses which cause colds and flu. It can be taken in food, in fresh form as cloves, in capsules or as tincture. The good thing about Garlic is that it can be taken during the winter season as preventative as well as when the cold or flu symptoms are present.

Samento (Uncaria tomantosa) is another very powerful medicinal herb, which can be used as preventative as well as during colds or flu. Samento has been used for centuries from the native Peruvians for different illnesses with a great success. There are two types of this herb with the Latin name Uncaria tomendosa, the well known Cat’s Claw and Samento. Both are good immune stimulators, but what makes Samento hundred times more effective than Cat’s Claw is the absence of the group of alkaloids known as TOA (Tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), which are present in the normal Cat’s Claw. TOA can reduce the effectiveness of another group of alkaloids known as POA (Pentacyclic Oxindole Alkaloids) and it is the POA alkaloids, which have powerful immune system properties. And because Samento contains only POA alkaloids, it makes it unique.
Some researches show that there is no better protection against common colds and flu than Samento.

Honey and Lemon should be a must when colds and flu strikes. Take three times a day the juice of one squised lemon with two tea spoons of honey and boiled water. It really helps.

There are also different herbal teas which can help with common colds and flu such as Thyme, Tillia, and Camomile. The one to try is Rooibos or Red bush tea. It is high in antioxidants, protects the immune system against free radicals and helps to fight colds and flu viruses.


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Natural remedies for colds and flu 2