Dressing Stick

Dressing Stick 1

This dressing aid makes it easier for those with limited mobility to pull up their (under)pants, put on shirts, jackets, as well as push off pants and socks. Whether your back or shoulders limit you, you experience difficulty bending or are recovering from knee or hip surgery, theĀ  Dressing Stick might be your new best buddy.

  • Dressing stick reduces bending and reaching, helping those with a limited range of motion, the use one arm, or difficulty bending
  • Smooth finish, sturdy wooden stick with rubber tipped end, and coated double wire hook to clasp garments
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach suspenders, overalls, and dress and under garment straps
  • Can also be used to retrieve hard to reach items and to push and pull objects
  • Wooden stick with rubber tip at one end
  • Special double wire hook at the other, is used to pull on or push off garments that cannot be reached easily
  • One end has a hook that clasps the garment at the neck so that you may get it on or off
  • Use also for hard-to-reach dress straps, suspenders and overalls
  • 520 mm length

Support 45+Plus

Dressing Stick 2