Weight Loss For Middle Age

Weight Loss For Middle Age 1

Aiming ideal weight after you pass your 40s offer new challenge that must be conquered with different methods; I’m sure those who have experienced this will agree with me. In fact, you may notice that the dieting methods that worked so well for you when you were 20 just don’t seem to be working as well now.

There are several reasons for this such as lifestyle changes and different body conditions. One or both of these have changed and made maintaining your weight becomes more difficult.

Body Condition

1. As you reach your 40’s your body will lose lean muscle and replace it with fat; since muscle burns more calories than fat does, it means your metabolism will be a lot slower. Reaching the menopausal period sometimes also causes hormonal imbalance. These two factors can make any weight loss attempt a lot harder than it used to be.

2. As you get older, it will be harder for your body to giving out carbohydrates; this will pose a problem to most of the middle-aged women who shopping and cooking for their family since they usually eat the same foods they prepared for their family.

This problem also happens a lot to people who don’t cook their own foods but ordering or eating out instead. If you are used to eating out, achieving weight loss over 40 is still possible by picking low carbohydrates meal.


1. As we age it’s all too easy to start to slack off on physical activity; it’s not entirely your fault though, lack of body fitness is one of the main reasons for this. Lack of exercise makes it so much harder to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

2. Often we find ourselves with more time on our hands after our children are grown and we retire. This condition tends to make you eat more than usual.

Achieving Weight Loss at Middle Age With New Behavior

If you have realized that you can’t depend on the old ways any more to maintain or lose weight, it is time to make some adjustments to your weight control efforts:

1. Avoid processed and packaged foods at all costs, including diet soda; it contains artificial sweetener which has addiction effects.

2. At middle age, it may be hard to increase physical activity, but you need it in order to maintain a healthy body composition: more lean muscle mass and less body fat, which means better metabolism rate, thus easier to maintain or lose weight. Something as simple as a walk around the block is enough for now; you can build up from there and eventually add more to your exercise routine.

3. If you have been eating at three big meals up until now, it is time to switch to at least five small meals; a large meal will release lots of insulin in the blood and slower your metabolism. With less insulin in the blood, you will burn more calories and this is good if you are trying to lose weight.

4. You need to reduce your daily calorie intake since your metabolism will get slower as you get older; if you are in your 40s, cut your daily calorie intake by 200 calories. When you cut back on calories make sure to cut carbohydrates as well, so find a meal plan that is heavy on fruits and vegetables.

5. Sleep for eight hours is sufficient, less than that and you will have more chances of being overweight.

6. Stay hydrated, eat enough fiber, and cut your fat consumption.

Most middle-aged who will have weight problems due to their lack of physical activities and their eating behavior. When dealing with this problem, remember that some of your old diet techniques will not works due to the difference in your condition; the most important thing is keep exercising and watch your daily calorie intake.

Adjusting your diet with your own condition is very crucial in any weight loss attempt.

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Weight Loss For Middle Age 2

By Stefan Vincent | Co-Author: Michael Jean Wilson


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