Your vegan diet can make you sick

Your vegan diet can make you sick 1

The vegan diet is recognized by thousands of doctors and government health departments as one of the healthiest diets and one of the leading diets in disease prevention. It’s a shocking thought, then, to contemplate that a vegan diet can actually make you sick, which can happen if you don’t follow proper direction. The following is a look at the most common problems people trying to start a vegan diet face and some tips on how to fix them.

Protein – When someone is new to the vegan diet, they think that they would not get the right amount of protein from plant foods. Where do I get my protein from? This is the most asked question someone new to this diet would ask a veteran vegan, as it seems like there is a lack of information on this topic. So then people would start spraying protein powder to their foods which leads us to mistake number one, having too much protein. Yes believe it or not too much protein can cause health problems later on so you should know the right amounts of protein in your diet.

Calcium – This is another big one. People are afraid of turning into a vegan because they think a vegan diet cannot provide you with a good amount of calcium for your diet. This can be true if you don’t know where to get your calcium from plant sources. Our bones start to deteriorate when we reach the age of 30, so a good calcium intake is a must.

Vitamin B12 – This needs to be one of your biggest priorities as a vegan. Out of all the vitamins and minerals, vitamin B12 could be one of the most important vitamins and requires proper planning, as this vitamin is not abundant in plant food sources. A lack of vitamin B12 can bring memory loss, anemia, fatigue, behavioral changes, and many more, so this needs your careful attention as a vegan

By being a vegan, you need to become more aware of the challenges and take some time to learn more about this diet. The benefits you can get by doing this right are amazing but not knowing how to do it can cause serious trouble in the future.

By James Takahara

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Your vegan diet can make you sick 2