Forty-five Plus Video Sponsorship

Forty-five Plus has a new program of creating educational video content to our valued followers and beyond. Forty-five Plus videos present topics that are of the highest interest to our community, mainly in USA and UK . Topics will always relate to wellness, personal finance, and retirement goals.

Sponsorship of Forty-five Plus videos is available exclusively to all interested parties. Video sponsorship helps Forty-five Plus recuperate the costs of our team and staff time in preparing for and implementing the content.
Sponsorship costs are not fixed and total cost of supporting one video may be carried by one sponsor or shared by several.

– Sponsor should ask for current list of planned videos and make bid for each
– Sponsor may submit slides or logos to be included in the video, either at beginning, middle points or end. Corner

– Sponsorship of each video is in perpetuity. The sponsor’s message remains for the entire life of the video.
– Sponsor’s video audience grows with the size of the 45 plus community.

– All video recording will be publicly available on Forty-five Plus social media sites.

Forty-five Plus ‘s Video Content Policy
– All video content will be educational and informative in nature as determined by Forty-five Plus .
– Videos will not be a sales pitch for a company’s products or services.

For more information about sponsoring one of our videos, contact

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