boost immune system
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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is your body’s defense against many types of harmful invaders including bacteria, viruses, and other intruders. You…

rediscovering old passion
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Rediscovering old passion at middle age

Sometimes, finding a new passion in life can be difficult. But, what if the old one was the one you…

benefits of a vegetarian diet
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The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

There are many benefits to being a vegetarian. Here are some of those benefits according to experts. 1. You’re reducing…

over 50 weight loss
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How to lose weight after 50

If you’re looking for a complete fitness/weight loss routine or just want to stay fit, this article is for you!…

intermittent fasting
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Lose more weight with intermittent fasting

Is intermittent fasting and weight loss compatible? Some people think that IF combined with a healthy diet will help them…

sleep schedule
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Stay more active with a consistent sleep schedule

A consistent sleep schedule helps you get the rest you , making it easier to concentrate on your work without…

Top 10 Foods for Seniors 1
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Top 10 Foods for Seniors

Senior citizens often eat foods with a high fat content, which can lead to weight gain. However, nutritionists for seniors…

intermittent fasting
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The 5 Worst Foods Seniors Should Avoid

There are many foods that are good for seniors, but there are also a few that can be harmful. Here…

10 simple ways to save money 2
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10 simple ways to save money

Would you like to save money in your everyday Life? Here are 10 easy ways:   Plan your meals ahead…

how to use strava
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How to use Strava to track your runs and rides

It’s never been easier to track your fitness progress with Strava. Not only can you easily connect the app to…

travel for less
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How to travel for less

Nowadays, with the option for cheaper airfare and hotels becoming more accessible, it’s easier than ever to save money on…

rock middle age
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How to rock middle age

Middle age is the time when your health will change. It’s the time when you’ll start to lose hair, skin,…