nutrition guidelines
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Healthy nutrition guidelines for seniors

It is common for seniors to have physical and cognitive limitations that can make their diet difficult to follow. Here…

graying with grace
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Graying with grace

As we age, our hair color changes – and for many of us, that means it’s time to start thinking…

fit bit apple watch
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Fit Bit vs. Apple Watch

The two most popular wearables on the market today are the Apple Watch and Fit Bit. There is a lot…

older people and exercise
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Why older adults need more exercise

Older adults are in a unique position for exercise, because they are already familiar with the health benefits of physical…

autoimmunity check up
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Self-Care Check Up for People with Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are rare, but they can affect your life in a big way. Check out these seven steps for…

healthcare trends
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Top 5 Healthcare Trends for 2023

Here are five healthcare trends that you should be aware of for the year 2023. Learn about the most exciting…

aging gracefully
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How to Ensure Happiness in Old Age

Two researchers showed in 2001 that we can control seven big health investment decisions pretty directly: smoking, drinking, body weight,…

12 Gifts to Spoil Your Dad with on Father's Day 1
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12 Gifts to Spoil Your Dad with on Father’s Day

Father’s Day comes only once a year, unlike Mother’s Day. It presents a great opportunity to show your appreciation to…

Best time of day to exercise differs between men and women 13
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Best time of day to exercise differs between men and women

Men and women have different optimum workout times during the day, according to a new study published in Frontiers in…

healthy with hydrogen-rich water
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Can drinking hydrogen-rich water make you live longer?

Hydrogen-rich water is really just the regular water that you drink. The only difference is that it contains more hydrogen….

magnetic bracelet
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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Healing FIR Magnetic Therapy¬† Fashion Jewelry Titanium Bio Energy Bracelet For Men/Women Blood Pressure Control Accessory Click here to Buy…

7 Chakra Yoga bracelet
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7 Chakra Yoga Bracelet

7 Chakra Yoga Bracelet Unisex. Elastic Rope, Natural Stone Energy Jewelry . Prayer Balance . Lucky Semi-precious . Handmade Beaded…